We are a group of economists and research associates from a variety of backgrounds. It is envisaged that, as the workload grows, suitably qualified and motivated professionals will be invited to join the team.

Conrad Barberton – Senior Economist
BA (Stellenbosch), BA Hons (Rhodes), MPhil (Cambridge), MA in Economics (Stellenbosch)

Conrad Barberton is a development economist, policy researcher and trainer. He has experience in the design of intergovernmental fiscal processes, public sector finance management, budget presentation design and analysis, the costing of policies, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and the design of governance accountability systems. Conrad has particular interest in research related to the funding of children’s services and other social services, and in systems to monitor the impact of public spending. He is also widely involved in training officials and public office bearers at local, provincial and national government levels.

Jonathan Carter – Senior Economist
BSc Agric (KwaZulu-Natal), BSc Agric Hons (Stellenbosch), MSc Agric (Stellenbosch)

Jonathan Carter has experience in the design of intergovernmental fiscal funding mechanisms, intergovernmental fiscal relations, public expenditure reviews, public sector training, costing of policies and legislation and is familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Jonathan has extensive experience in building MS Excel models for costing the implementation of government policies and expenditure decisions. His experience cuts across a range of policy sectors affecting children, agriculture, climate resilience and municipal services.

Matthew Townshend – Economist
BA (Rhodes), BA Hons (Rhodes)

Matthew is an economics PhD student at UCT and associate economist at Cornerstone Economic Research. He has experience in the areas of fiscal policy and budget planning, monitoring and evaluation. He was part of the team that developed the first long-term fiscal report for South Africa, and also developed a cost model for the E-toll Review Panel that was set up by the Premier of Gauteng. Matthew is familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, and has experience with the write-up and editing of research and budget reports. His particular interests include institutional processes, budget planning and public infrastructure. 

Carmen Abdoll – Economist
BCom (NMMU), BCom Hons (NMMU), MPhil in Taxation (Pretoria)

Carmen Abdoll has experience in public sector finance management, budget analysis, and various tax policy issues, including issues related to value-added tax, excise duties and all sub-national taxes. She has also worked on various projects related to the structure of the intergovernmental fiscal system in South Africa, and the costing of children’s policies. Carmen has a particular interest in the policies and services that impact on the lives of orphan children.

Lugisani Ragwala – Research Associate
BCom Internal Auditing (Pretoria)

Lugisani has acquired internal audit experience within the public and private sector, reviewing the control environment and testing of key operational controls to ensure that they are functioning effectively. He has worked on various projects relating to performance evaluation and performance information by developing process descriptions, performing fieldwork, documentation and presentation of the results. He enjoys working on social issues and exploring the impact of education in our society.

Adrian Grieve – Research Associate
BCom LLB (KwaZulu-Natal)

Adrian Grieve is a lawyer, researcher and trainer. He has experience in policy evaluation, systems analysis, litigation risk assessment and court procedure, as well as in the design and delivery of training courses in underdeveloped and poorly-literate environments. He is particularly interested in social services and service delivery in underdeveloped environments.

Laurel Kriegler – Research Associate and Editor
BCom (Rhodes), BCom Hons (Rhodes)

Laurel Kriegler runs her own editing business, Kriegler Editing Services, which specialises in editing and proofing both academic work and fiction. Laurel has been associated with Cornerstone from its establishment, and plays a key role in ensuring the quality of Cornerstone’s outputs. As a trained economist, Laurel also provides literature research support services to the Cornerstone team.