Cornerstone Economic Research developed the methodology for conducting performance and expenditure reviews (PERs) in 2012. Using this methodology, in 2013 the National Treasury, in partnership with the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency, initiated a series of PERs of selected public programmes or policies, of which CER conducted the six reviews presented on this page. For further information, and to see PERs carried out by other parties, please go to the GTAC websiteClick here to download a description of the PER methodology.

Administrative Services – National School of Government (NSG)

Authors: Conrad Barberton, Jonathan Carter
Date: 2013-09-23

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Download the Costing Model.

The National School of Government (NSG) was established by the Public Administration Management Act of 2014 as a dedicated, specialised training institution for civil servants. Its mandate is to deliver quality education, training and development to equip civil servants with the values, skills and knowledge necessary for entry into and career progression within the public service. (Source: Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) 2016. Accessed: 31 October 2016)

CER was asked to assist the Advisory Task Team responsible for designing and setting up the NSG. The mandate was to build a model to assist with costing the establishment and running of the NSG. The assumptions that underpin the costing model were either based on information provided by the Task Team or developed in close consultation with the Task Team.

This document describes the key features of the costing model, its structure and key cost drivers. It should be noted that the costs and assumptions presented in this document are purely for illustrative purposes and while they were based on consultations and analysis, they do not reflect any decisions by the Task Team, National Treasury or any other government authority.